Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Two Birthday Mathoms for Frodo

Happy Birthday to my beloved hobbits, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Thank you, Professor, for giving them life.

In honor of Frodo I chose two of my poems that (I feel) best say what's in my heart. (Don't worry, tornsibs, these are relatively true to canon. There's no way I could post the poem that reveals my true gift to them, delivered September 22, 1423.)

Can You Hear Me?
By Elanor the Fair

I don't know how to say this,
But I know that I must try,
For the things that I hold in my heart
Are more than I can hide.

You left when I was very small,
I've no memories, it's true,
But Dad brought back from Gondor
A likeness drawn of you.

I don't know what artist drew it,
From what memories or place,
But each time my dad would look at it,
A smile would touch his face.

You're standing on a balcony,
The wind is in your hair,
Your eyes shine with an Elven light,
But there's also sadness there.

It's that sadness, Sir, that troubles me,
That makes me need to say,
There's not a day that passes by
That I don't feel that way.

I've read the Red Book many times,
And memorized some parts.
I've walked with you down roads so dark
I thought they'd freeze my heart.

I've wept beside my dad when he
Held you on Mt. Doom,
And I've wept to hear his stories
As I sat across the room.

I guess the thing I want to say
Sounds so very small,
But, thank you, Master Frodo.
Thank you, Sir, for all.

I wonder, can you hear me?
Are you still on that far shore?
Or have you left confines of earth
In peace forevermore?

The mallorn tree is tall now,
My dad's been gone a year,
And I need for both of you to know
You'll not be forgotten here.

(White Gull)

Wishes of a King

Did you know I thought of you today
When dawn's light graced the skies?
I remembered how you used to wake
With sorrow in your eyes.
I wished that I could share the pain
Of hopelessness and fear,
But you alone were chained by doom
And I just could walk near.

Did you know I thought of you today
‘Neath noon's un-shadowed glare?
I remembered how you used to warm
Your face in sunlight fair.
I wished that I could free your soul
From weight of evil night,
But you alone could bear that dark
And I just lead in light.

Did you know I thought of you today
At eve in starlight dim?
I remembered how you used to walk
Dark paths however grim.
I wished that I could take the road
Your feet were cursed to roam,
But you alone could tread that path
And I just call you home.

Do you know I look for you each day
Through palantir's clear eye?
It heals my heart to see your joy,
In Aman, where white gulls fly.
I wish you'd know I'll ne'er forget
Your sweet life sowed the field
Where white tree flowers once again
And I just reap the yield.

(White Gull)

First posted on TORn for Bilbo and Frodo's birthday celebrations 2004 by the author: TORnsib White Gull.


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